We believe there are four main advantages to Loxley Nurseries when compared with the average garden centres and DIY outlets.

Our Quality & Extensive range: you are buying from us the grower, we offer a much wider and diverse range of plants than the average garden centres, keeping the quality to a high standard.

Our Value & Passion: as a grower we miss out the middleman passing the saving on to you our customers and we are constantly looking to improve our produce.

These plants will brighten up any garden and provide a superb splash of colour during the changing seasons. You can have colourful bedding plants all year round so no basket, patio container or garden needs to be dull again.

Bedding plants unlike other garden plants only flower for one season whether it is Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, but what a show these will make for a small amount of money, most plants are sold in 6 or 9 packs or larger plants in single 10.5 cm pots.

99% of these plants are grown onsite and we are always growing new varieties.

One of the most largest and most popular of categories of plants, perennials, which grow year after year, perhaps offer more than any other group of plants, with a rich palette of colour, form, fragrance and texture.

There are perennials suitable for almost every area in the garden, however large or small your garden is and whatever mood or style you want to create there are a wide range of sizes and colours from the coolest of blues to the fiery reds.

At Loxley Nurseries we produce something in the region of 15,000 perennials a year and we have a range of different size plants available at what we think very reasonable prices again cutting out the middle man!

When space is a premium in the garden many gardeners turn to alpines as most can be grown in a very confined spot.

Alpines also can grow in some of the driest spots in the garden yet produce some of the most attractive flowers.

Most alpines are compact and mat forming giving good ground cover and will survive in dry, windy, sunny positions and extreme temperatures, so on a whole as long as the soil is well drained they will survive most anything.

Shrubs are often considered the foundation plants of the garden for all year round interest whether evergreen or deciduous they provide a continuously changing but ever present background to the more short seasoned plants.

Shrubs come in many sizes some can be prostrate (grows low to the ground), some small and compact and others tall and graceful, some can be evergreen, some scented filling the air with a delicate aroma, others have berries, which attract wildlife.

Bamboos, ferns, palms and grasses are part of  a huge rise in popularity of architectural plants, which go to make a bold statement in any garden.

Hardy Bamboos are now known to be over 200 species and varieties capable of being grown in the UK.

Ferns can be evergreen or deciduous (lose their leaves in winter) and cover a wide range of textures, form and colour.

Ornamental grasses include a striking array of textures, form, size and colour, coming in evergreen or deciduous with multi season interest.

Climbers are one of the most versatile plants in the garden being able to spread fast and trail decoratively over or through other plants, buildings or structures while also making good ground cover.

Roses have been around many centuries and have a fascinating history, yet roses are also a valuable plant in the modern garden. Grow mostly in a sunny spot with their roots well fed and watered they will repay you with a mass of colour and scent throughout the summer months.

Ornamental trees are mostly grown for the beauty of their foliage, spring flower, berries or autumn colour.

We stock apples, pears and plums, we have dwarf varieties of these which can be grown in containers and in the garden.

We stock a large range of soft fruit throughout the year from strawberries, blueberries, and figs to old favourites such as raspberries and gooseberries.

There is nothing better than going out into the garden and picking your own personal supply of fresh herbs and vegetables.

We grow a comprehensive range of the most popular herbs as well as some of the more unusual ones.

Herbs are pretty easy to grow and can be grown in the garden borders or in pots preferably in sunlight.

We also grow tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies and peppers and have some vegetables available in the season.

How to find us.

The Nursery is positioned approximately 2 miles from Hillsborough on the corner of Loxley Road and Long Lane where access to the car park can be found.